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Three Years

Thank you skateboarding.

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Photos: Hella Lifestyle

Rip City Skate proprietor and Venom team homie JP Rowan kicks up some dust slashing frontside in Santa Barbara.

Scientist, San Francisco skate stylist, Comet skateboards & Caliber Trucks rider Big Dave Tannaci surfs left in SB. Normally a city creature, he’s still getting used to going fast on mountain roads. A few more after the jump. (more…)

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Photos: South American Trip

James was recently down in South America for the Sudo Americano IGSA races. Apart from racing, partying, and freeriding the local hills… He managed to snap some pics of his travels and exploits along the way.

Camilo Cesperdea from Bogata Colombia shreds the local
Camilo Cespedes in Bogota, Colombia


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Early Morning Bombing with Calvin and Griffin Hopkins

Among the many reasons I don’t surf–fear of drowning, dislike of spandex bodysuits, fucking sharks–the need to get up early to catch waves is high on the list. Pavement is always there and asphalt is available on your own schedule.

That said, certain runs are best skated early in the morning, before traffic starts. And once you’re out of bed and gassed up with coffee, dawn patrol can be quite pleasant. The air is cool and the sun is low in the sky, so everything looks a little different.

If you’re in school or have a 9-5 job, a good session makes the rest of the day bearable. If you’re funemployed or have flexible hours, you’ve got several hours of scooter- and little kid-free hours of skatepark time to mash some grinds in before it gets all crowded.

Early-morning drivers on challenging canyon roads tend to be sports-car yahoos who want to get their kicks before the Highway Patrol has had their coffee and donuts. This kind of situation–heading into a corner all packed up with a car approaching–is why you learn to footbrake. That’s Griffin in the foreground.

Different styles on the sixth of seven miles. As we head into winter, daylight is getting scarcer and afternoon sessions have to end sooner. Fight seasonal affective disorder by skateboarding as much as possible.

Bump draft from the camera man and a peek behind the scenes.

I understand these rocks ruined someone’s day.

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Guestbook: Adam Persson

Swedish shredder Adam Persson has been lurking at the Skatehouse for the last month or so, traveling to Buffalo Bill with the crew, skating the local hills, playing with his Kendama, and hitting grinds on the mini-ramp.

Since its introduction to the community by Dillon Stephens, the Kendama has taken professional downhill skateboarding by storm.


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Skatesgiving 2011 Photo Flashback

The East Coast transplants in the house headed back east last week to meet some of their old friends and hit the road in the Comet van for this year’s Skatesgiving trip.   Our crew consists of Anthony Flis, Ben Dubreuil, Brian Peck, Matt Kienzle, and Pat Schep and we’ll be all over the mountains of the East Coast for the next two weeks. We just left Soldiers of Downhill heading south and are currently working on getting footage of the finals up so check back tomorrow for that.  The first Skatesgiving video will be released on Thanksgiving day (November 22) but until then we have some never released photos of last year’s trip to keep you stoked.


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Night Skating with Matt K

It’s hard to capture the speed and movement of downhill skateboarding in one still photo. One thousandth of a second can’t show you how far someone slid or what line they took, so I started thinking about how to use lighting and the camera to capture a longer moment. This is the result.

Crucial thanks to Paris/Sector 9 rider Matt K for skating in total darkness and getting blinded by flashes. I tried to skate for a couple photos and believe me, it’s scary.

666 Lurking.

Straight mobbing in the pitch black. More like these sometime soon.

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From the header: Chris D’Allesandro

AZ local and LA transplant Chris D’Allesandro has a nine-to-five grownup job, but that doesn’t stop him from shredding his local hills on the weekend. Saturday sliding on a local favorite.

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Photos: Norman Plante

“Switch is easier ’cause it’s heelside for me.” Backwards early grab.

Norman Plante is an East Coast skater currently attending a desert college northeast of Los Angeles and skating Malibu on the weekends. He shreds. We met up on Monday and shot these photos in a couple hours, during which I saw him fall only when he tried to stand-up drift all the way around an off-camber toeside corner.

Toeside into that golden afternoon light.

Switch check at the Session Left.

Indy predrift at the session right.

Midz 4 life, because high-quality wheels are overrated.

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Photos: Jimmy Riha

The mighty Cliff Coleman, ripped first-try on this crazy steep, rough hill.

I took a bunch of photos of San Diego local and Arbor/Gullwing/Muir rider Jimmy Riha earlier this year for a SkateSlate article on San Diego (check it here). They didn’t all make it into the magazine, so here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Jimmy lives skating-distance from Blacks Beach. The access road is a super fun skate spot with high-quality people watching. Between the surfers, college students, gay nudists, and elderly exercisers, you’re sure to have some interesting conversations on the walk back up.

Leathered up for inland speed runs with Muir Skate boss Scott Lembach.

Bonus Maryhill Festival of Speed photo because you only live once.

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