Paris Truck Co. Presents: Raw Run with Axel Serrat

“Cruise along with Axel Serrat as he grips n rips this rad run somewhere in Spain.” – Paris Truck Co

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Rayne Longboards – Savage Love with Tyler Peterson-Gillingham

Vancouver local, Tyler Peterson-Gillingham, throws down slick lines while Brock Newman captures all the action.

“Highly anticipated and much whispered about, the Rayne Savage is finally here. One of the newest additions to the family, and after years of rider feedback, countless tweaks and adjustments have gone into this new beast – a Savage beast. This new symmetrical board keeps Rayne’s pressed-in 3D wheel-wells to create added room for large wheels and the ergonomic bends you know and love to help you find and hold your feet in place better than ever before. The Savage uses the same Fat Bottom construction as the Avenger before it, but in a twin shape to help you choose the path you want to take wherever you are headed.” Watch as Tyler Peterson-Gillingham chews up some local Vancouver BC roads with this new quiver killing beast.”

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Rayne Longboards: All Day Benda

Mike Benda has been blowing minds with his smooth style and tech slides since the turn the of this century. It’s good to see him back in front of the camera for his first edit in over a year. Mike is back with some bangers on his local hills in and around Vancouver, BC.

“Mike is riding his Demonseed, a board that has set the bar for all around dowhnhill performance. The most comfortable speedboard on the market capable of reaching speeds you can only dream about, this board has a long wheelbase, TONS of foot space and a DEEP TUB Concave that is comfortable on long hill bombs while still gripping like a vice in the corners. For Maximum Versatility, Stability and Slideability, the Demonseed has a 1″ Dropped platform and drop-through mounting so that you can further adjust the riding height and truck angles of your board. The most versatile board on the market, whether you’re pushing across town or bombing your favorite pitch, the Demonseed will get you there.” – Rayne Longboards

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Cathlamet Downhill Corral: Boarder Cross and Slopestyle

The 2014 Cathlamet Downhill Corral was packed with action. With three days of events, riders were skating all weekend enjoying the hill and obstacles.

Boardercross Results:
1st – Brandon Tissen (Arbor, Caliber)
2nd – Will Royce (Gullwing)
3rd – David Rudgers (Landyachtz, Caliber)
4th – Casey Morrow (Arbor, Gullwing)
5th – Ross Druckrey (Sector 9, Gullwing, RDVX)

Slopestyle Results:
1st – KJ Nakanelua (Arbor, R.A.D.)
2nd – Tom Weiss (Original Skateboards, RDVX)
3rd – Louis Pilloni (Sector 9, Gullwing, R.A.D.)
Honorable Mention – Taylor Martin

Big Air – Chance Gaul (Sector 9)
Best Trick – Tom Weiss (Original Skateboards, RDVX)

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Landyachtz Crew Cuts: Stephen Vaughn Visits Califonia

Before Landyacthz’s Stephen Vaughn embarked on the Wheelbase Keep On Tuckin Tour, he spent a few days in LA skating. We hooked him up with filmer Alex Ameen to get some shots. Not a bad way to spend a day. Wake up skate some street spots, skate a park, and skate some hills!

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Original Skateboards Axel Serrat Arbiter KT Raw Run

There are a lot of beautiful roads in the world. Sometimes you need to explore outside your town to find them. Original Skateboards Pro Rider, Axel Serrat, travels out of his home city of Barcelona, Spain and gets gnarly on his Arbiter KT skateboard down a mountain run somewhere in France.

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S1 Helmets / Sam Hay and Ethan Galaif Dangle For Danger

S-One Helmet team rider, Sam and Ethan, rush down some of the more dangerous runs in Malibu, just for kicks.

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Visitors: Camilo Cespedes

Camilo Cespedes finally got a sports visa and is back in the USA! On his first day back he of course requested to visit the classic.

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Events: Peyragudes Never Dies Final

The European part of the IDF World Cup series is a wrap. Here’s what happened at Peyragudes.

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IDF Peyragudes Never Dies 2014 Daily Recap

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