Blood Orange Product Profile: Alpine Series Wheels

The Blood Orange crew sat down to talk about the new Alpine Series. See what Brandon, Liam, and Jordan have to say about the new wheels!

The Alpine Series is designed for high-speed lines and predictable drifts without sacrificing traction. With expert input from our team riders, we developed our exclusive Mountain Pass Formula (MPF) to provide the ultimate downhill wheel for the days you just feel like going fast. We modified our proven core design to increase support throughout the wheel, which promotes high roll speeds, even wear, and a consistent feel!

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Brett Ciabattini and The City by the Bay

“Mixed weather means you’ve gotta mix up the spots. Brett hits up a couple Bay Area skateparks as he chases the sunshine. A well worn-in set of Polar Bears and ample coping make for a good match.” – Bear Trucks

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Comet Skateboards // SB Raw with Nick Ronzani

“Pick your favorite music and come along on the ride with Nick Ronzani on his signature board the Ethos 40. Nick has an amazing balls to the wall hands down style that is a joy to watch. We left the raw sound in for the full experience. Crank some tunes (or don’t) and enjoy this crazy ride.” – Comet Skateboards

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Raw Run : Justin Suryanata

Deep in the depths of Arizona Justin Suryanata lurks deep.

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Paris Truck Co. Presents: Axel Serrat San Francisco 2014

“Last year, team rider Axel Serrat was visiting us in Southern California and decided to take a little trip up north to the beautiful city of San Francisco. When a city is loaded with as many hills, driveways, gaps and wallrides as SF is… You know you’re going to have a good time, and that’s exactly what Axel did!” – Paris Truck Co

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Raw Run: Jorge Pernes

Our portuguese friend Jorge Pernes can hold it down while standing up down pretty much anything you put in front of him. Watch him to take this raw run down this closed road in Norway.

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Learning Curve: Fer Bailleres

After a year of injuries (skating, non-skating, and chainsaws), our Mexican Skatehouse homie, Fer Bailleres, warms up his legs and pays homage to the skate gods down a local So-Cal run.

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Chris Cade and James Jones

The homies Chris Cade and James Jones get down on some paths, banks, and neighborhood freeriding in this edit from Alex Ameen.

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How To with MuirSkate Longboard Shop

Tune in with Louis Pilloni and Chelsea Nelson of Sector 9, as they teach you how to safely and properly ride a longboard. Whether riding to the grocery store, cruising the boardwalk, or the bombing the hills, knowing the basics are essential if you want to have a good time.

Watch Jimmy Riha break down the fundamentals of Heelside Stand Up slides. From here on out, you wont have any problem throwing heelside slides all over the hill!

In this episode of the How To Series, Team Rider Aj Haiby teaches us how to properly execute a heelside pre-drift. With time and practice, you’ll be executing smooth and controlled pre-drifts with ease. Tune in, turn off, and go skate!

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Georgia Bontorin – In a Pavement Paradise (Part 2)

“Part 2 of our local excursions with Brazilian bomber Georgia Bontorin found her side-by-side with Victor Earhart down a windy favorite. Road cover from the 9-ball Truck also makes for a good time. Georgia is living in a pavement paradise!” – Sector 9

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