Sam Hay and Ian McSherry / S1 Lifer Helmet

Sam Hay and Iam McSherry take a sketchy run down a freshly paved canyon road. Sam Hay and Ian McSherry wear the S1 lifer helmet.

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Rayne Longboards: Kevin Bouaich Almost Raw

2012 Kozakov IDF winner and Rayne Longboards rider, Kevin Bouaich, takes a vacation from the Swizz Alps to skate some runs in Spain with Perropro behind the lens.

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Original Skateboards: John Kreutter, East Coast, and the Arbiter DK

“Designed for versatility, the Arbiter DK longboard skateboard takes Original Skateboards Team Rider, John Kreutter, from bombing hills, hitting some drops, gaps, big skids, to throwing some uber stylish seamless spins. John hits some of his favorite East Coast spots, and the Arbiter DK is down for it all. Ride One. Shred All.”

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S9 Downhill Division: Whistler Downhill 2014

“The Sector 9 Downhill Division was mobbing pack runs at the 2014 IDF Whistler World Cup. With 7 technical hairpins the crew strapped on some GoPro’s to capture the action. Congratulations to Jimmy Riha for 2nd in Open, Curt Watts for 1st in Juniors, and Jeff Budro for 3rd in Masters.”

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Arbor Skateboards :: KJ Nakanelua – Raw Run

“New to the team, KJ Nakanelua, shows us a ballsy island style version of skating a California Classic. From hand stands and shakas to speed wobbles and big slides, this video has it all..Don’t forget to ‘breathe in the air’ and enjoy.” – Arbor Skateboards

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Session: The Ruapehu Freeride

Mount Ruapehu is an active stratovolcano at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand. It is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and is the highest point in the North Island and includes three major peaks: Tahurangi (2,797 m), Te Heuheu (2,755 m) and Paretetaitonga (2,751 m).

Leading up to the peak is a perfectly paved winding road. While it looks inviting and playful, this monster has some bite. Excellent skaters have been mauled by this Mt. Monster as jagged volcanic rock await every wrong move. While on the N-Tense D-Centz Tour, the bus camped on this Mt. for a two day permitted freeride.

‘Mount Ruapehu’
by Chanel Brodeur-Muir

This is the place where the snow falls delicately,
silently floating from the heavens above.

Here, the giant rocks climb high,
having their daily exchanges with the clouds.

Inside this peaceful place,
lies a monster.

He growls and grumbles,
and starts to rise!

His red shape rises up,
flowing out of the mountain at great speed.

He slides down the mountain,
so powerful, so strong.

He begins to slow,
crawling around the base.

He settles for the night,
and turns to stone.

The snow is again still.

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Landyachtz Skate & Explore South Africa – Ep. 4

“After finding a skate park in the middle of no where the crew come across some of South Africa’s famous wildlife. Then they hit up the world biggest bungee jump. They finally wrap the whole trip up with an amazing slide jam just outside of Cape Town in Llandudno. Tons of stoked skaters and local spectators help send them off with a bang.” – Landyachtz

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PSA: Go To Giant’s Head Freeride

Sarah McLurklin is here with a very important message… Please say you’ll shred hard at Giant’s Head, for all those who can’t.

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Raw Run: Borderlands

Comet Skateboards riders Eric Jensen & Will Seal flow down “Borderlands” while on Skatesgiving.

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Giants Head Freeride – What to Shred?

Don’t miss the 2014 Giants Head Freeride presented by Landyatchz. Sign up are still open! This world reknowned event is double the size this year, with two weekends of endless freeriding. If you’re not signed up, you blowing it!

Check out some videos from the previous years.

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