Resource Distribution: Foreign Exchange Europe 2013 – Episode 2

From Paris Truck Co / Resource Dist: “Welcome to episode #2 from our fabulous trip across Europe for Foreign Exchange. We begin this edit in Paris and continue into Lyon, then onward into Marseille. Bowls, banks, hips, parks and curbs got ripped along the way! Watch as Amanda Powell, Brian Peck, James West, Kody Noble, Ari Chamasmany and some new friends make some great memories on the road and get down on their skateboards in the streets of Europe.

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Cooper Darquea Mauro – S1 Lifer Helmet

The one and only Sir Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro steams down a Santa Cruz run in the Lifer from S1 Helmets. Try and spot some ewoks!

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Rayne All The Pinche Way – Episode 1

“We thought it would be super cool to bring together a bunch of international team riders, pile them in a van, and film the entire trip across Mexico. Check out part #1 of the Rayne ALL THE PINCHE WAY TOUR. Stay tuned for Episode #2″ – Rayne

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Black Easter Raw Run: Louis Pilloni

Happy Easter from the SkateHouseMedia Crew!

Film: Derek Smith of Muir Skate

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Muir Skate Longboard Shop | 2014 Easter Egg Hunt

“HAPPY EASTER!!!!….In celebration of the Easter Holiday, Scott aka El Beasto invited all the local shredders out for an Easter Egg Hunt Muir style! The team scattered the Easter eggs and all over the whole hill for all the locals skaters to find. Special thanks to our friends at Sector 9 and RAD for coming out and supporting the scene!” – MuirSkate

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Whistler Longboard Festival World Cup Downhill Open 2013 Final

Race season is here and the events are just around the corner. Check out this flashback to the 2013 IDF World Cup Whistler Final.


1 Jimmy Riha
2 James Kelly
3 Kevin Reimer
4 Nicolas Desmarais
5 Dillon Stephens
6 Ricardo Reis
7 Byron Essert
8 Brendan Davidson
9 Riley Harris
10 Chadwick Gibson
11 Jackson Shapiera
12 Max Ballesteros


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Paris Truck Co. – Kody Noble In The Streets Of Seattle

Kody Noble spent a few days on his Paris Truck Co. street trucks up in Seattle.

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Skatesgiving: Turk-a-Lurk

The Skatesgiving crew is back with another one for ya, this time hard at lurk. Be sure to check out the original video from the hill known as Turkey right here. Thank you Landyachtz Skateboards, Sector 9 Skateboards, Kebbek Skateboards, Comet Skateboards, Rayne Longboards, Paris Truck Co, RAD Wheels, & Bear Trucks.

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Caliber Truck Co. Featuring The Standard

“When we refer to Caliber as a family it’s for a good reason. Not only do we skate together, but we eat together, drink together, and travel together. Join Liam as he runs around the city grabbing all of the family, and heads to a pool party with the rest of the crew!

Here at Caliber, we take pride in providing skaters with trucks that offer everything they need, and nothing more. We’ve been hard at work developing a street truck, THE CALIBER STANDARD, that embodies the same principles we used as a foundation for our original tombstone RKP (reverse king pin) truck. Our goal was to design and manufacture a skateboard truck for the skater who rides every kind of terrain imaginable. Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve accomplished what we set out to do!”

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Scene Supporter: RDVX Grip Tape



RDVX is a collection of skaters wanting to push forward by creating grip tape that locks you on your board and last so you can ride for months without worrying about replacing it.

To truly thrash this stuff, we built a team representing the top riders in the skate industry, and we hit SoCal for fast runs, beer drinking, and shit eating (though not intentionally) to see what RDVX grip is truly made of. ” – RDVX

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