Arbor Skateboards :: James Kelly and Liam Morgan – Pro Models

Arbor Skateboards riders James and Liam have their new pro model 2015 graphics coming out next week! See the video to watch the boards in action.

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Quick Clips: AJ Powell / Bagel Run

For Kebbek Skateboards rider AJ Powell there’s always a prize when he reaches the end of the road. In this case, this bagel spot in Montreal, Québec is the reward. Check out “BIG” AJ take a cruise down some fresh paved goodness down the heart of the city in this quick clip.

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Medellin Session

A day with Medellin Locals Juan Pablo Villegas (S1/Gullwing), Felipe Marin (S1/Valhalla), and Alejandro Puente (S1) exploring the hills in the rural edges of the city. Away from the noise and the traffic of the city are a few short narrow jams.

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Sector 9: Santa Gnarbara Raw Run with Jackson Shapiera

“It’s was a hot and fast weekend at the Santa Gnarbara Downhill. With a tight technical race track and over 100 degree heat, riders were searching to find the quick lines and shade. Follow along as Jackson Shapiera rallies the track with Sector 9 Teammate, Micah Green, on the follow camera.”

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Big Mountain Skate – Bela JOYRIDE 2015

With 16 hairpins in a run, over 160 skaters, and close to 50km of downhill a day The Bela Joyride was exactly how it sounds.  It was hard not to smile after mobbing a run with friends with cold refreshments at the bottom.

“Bela JOYRIDE 2015 – Official Video: The third event this year was the greatest Bela JOYRIDE. Crazy road and nature along with some super good riders from all around the world, did this event even more awesome. In this video you’ll get all the greatest parts of the event. Play!” – Big Mountain Skate


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Santa Gnarbara Raw Run with the These Crew

The Santa Gnarbara Downhill was moved to a new course this year that challenged skaters with tight technical turns on the edge of traction. Follow along with the These Wheels crew as Kevin Reimer, Tyler Howell, and Dave Billesbach rips down the freeride track. Special thanks to the Santa Gnarbara Crew for organizing an amazing event.

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Whistler IDF World Cup Finals and Afterparty

On a wet, September day in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, the International Downhill Federation (IDF) Canadian World Cup took place and so did the after party.

1. Troy Grenier
2. Alex Hannigan
3. Brendan Davidson
4. Jake Wilkinson
5. Carlos Paixão
6. Charlie Darragh

A big thanks to Landyachtz, Sector 9, Whistler Sport Legacies and all the staff and volunteers.

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James Kelly Slangen

James Kelly (Arbor, RAD, Caliber, Blood Orange) cruised out to Norway on his annual Summer Eurotour. There he hit up a classic Norwegian one way downhill road originally made for horse traffic. These corners are not meant for cars let alone skateboards creating an incredibly challenging course.

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S1 Helmets / Pablo Chiles visits La Reunion

Pablo Quiles and Alex Ameen were pretty jealous of all the epic footage that Caliber brought home from La Reunion, the epic volcanic skate paradise off the coast of Africa. The boys decided to take a trip of their own and capture this make this potent edit.
Pablo Quiles wears the S1 Lifer Helmet!
Pick one up at
follow @s1helmets on instagram

Film and Edit: Alex Ameen
Music: “Just a Memory” -Dirty Art Club

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Comet Skateboards // Slaughter House

Comet Skateboards presents Will Seal and Adam Westfall making their way down the Slaughter House. This road earned its name because entering the Chicane at over 60mph is a risky decision. Adam and Will have no problems with risk though and smash this run with style and control.

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