Sessions: Tucan & Matthew Deitch

Action Board Shop rider Matthew Deitch knows Asheville like the back of his hand. He brought housemate Matt Kienzle to one of steepest runs North Carolina has to offer. Creamybeige Photo.

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S1 Helmets / Samantha Hay It’s Britney Bitch

Sam Hay moved up to Santa Cruz a few months back to try out college and being a big kid. Things have been pretty rough on that front but he has this one pretty sick forest run and Britney Spears jammin on his iPod keeping him going every day. #GrowingPains

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Madrid: Raw Run Zak on the 2015 Anvil

Well that was fast….Venom founder, Zak Maytum charges a bomber deep in the Colorado Rockies. Be sure to check out the 59 sec mark cause that turn was crazy.

“Zak charges a 60mph canyon deep in the heart of the Colorado rockies on his soon-to-be-released Madrid 2015 pro model, The Anvil. More about The Anvil and the 2015 lineup coming soon!”

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Sessions: Turbo and Stoney

When the sun goes down the fun doesn’t stop. Sector 9 and Paris Truck rider, Troy Grenier, shows Sector 9 Wheels teammate, Aidan Lynds, his local runs for the first time…in the dark. Check out Aidan and Troy blasting some fast runs BC style.

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Original Skateboards Axel Serrat in California

Original Skateboards Team Rider, Axel Serrat, heads to Cali to hit up everything in his path with the Arbiter DK and Arbiter KT. The Arbiter family shreds it all.

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Landyachtz: In the streets of LA with Chris McCall

“Chris McCall works in our Compton warehouse, and we are super stoked to have someone that rips as hard as he does on our team! As you can see he’s very comfortable in the streets of LA. Sliddin’ Flippin’ this kid has all the tricks!” – Landychtz

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Sector 9 Product Guide | Thunder Glove – Louis Pilloni Pro Model

“Yes, it’s about time that Louis got his own glove. He’ll ride anything and kill it, but he really knows when he likes something. If it’s lightweight, breathable, and performs well, he’s all over it, which is exactly what he steered us towards when designing this gloves. If you see Louis on a hill, give him a gloved hand high-5! Yes it comes with a bag too.” – Sector 9

-Heavy Kevlar Reinforced Fingertips
-3mm Gel Padded Palm
-Lightweight Freestyle Design for Advanced Riders
-DHD Lighting Puck

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Session: Crusty DIY Santa Cruz

Axel, Alex, and Max were bored of life in the big city of Los Angeles so they ventured north for adventure and ended up at this crusty Santa Cruz DIY spot. We’re all ‘longboarders’ (aka downhill skateboarders), but we had fun as Dave Angelus showed us how to skate everything.

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Gullwing Truck Co. | Will Royce | Pablo Escobar’s Driveway

“While on location in Colombia, Will Royce along with a local guide, ventured to the top of what once was Pablo Escobar’s personal driveway. Today it’s just like any other road so Will slashed it up until the pavement ended.” – Gullwing Truck Co.

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Merry Christmas | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

“Santa’s elves work non-stop to make sure you get your presents Christmas morning. But before they can focus on that, Santa and his elves drop in for one last skate session before the Holidays.” – Muir Skate

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