Comet Skateboards // Eric Jensen 33″ Raw

“Here is Jensen skating his new pro model skateboard the EJ33. Jensen proves to us all that you can still go fast and surf the chunder even if your wheelbase is only 15.75 inches. Filmed in Vancouver as a part of Jensen’s bigger video that we have coming out in mid August. Get Psyched.” – Comet Skateboards

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Action Board Shop: Avery Wilcox – Far From Home

While it may be far from home for Avery, this run is in SkateHouseMedia backyard. “Follow along with team rider Avery Wilcox as he descends a west coast classic. With steep grades, narrow lanes, and lots of traffic this road is not for the faint of heart.” – Action Board Shop

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Outtakes – Skate & Explore Korea

“With a trip that exceeds three weeks, you’re bound to have a stock pile of awesome footage left over. Here we have road trips, slams, night life and everything you’d expect from a trip to South Korea. Sit back and enjoy some behind the scenes entertainment.” – Landyachtz

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La Reunion Part One: The Place One Never Leaves

We’re very excited to get to bring you episode one of this sure-to-be insanely epic series from the folks at Caliber Truck Co, featuring James Kelly and Liam Morgan skating downhill in one of the raddest places we’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

A big part of downhill skateboarding is exploring new terrain with your friends. Most start with loading up a van and heading out to the nearest elevation change in hopes of finding a rad run close to home. The apex of the downhill dream is to hop on a plane and travel to the most remote locations on earth in search of the best roads our planet has to offer. James Kelly’s dream for the past 5 years has been to travel to a small island off of Madagascar called La Réunion, and skate the roads he had only seen from satellite imagery. We decided to send him and Liam Morgan to fulfill that dream, and have Jack Boston capture the journey in a way that only he could. In Part One, the boys begin exploring the island, finally setting foot on the asphalt they’ve been dreaming of.” – Caliber Truck Co

James and Liam enjoy the epic scenery during a little downtime. Photo by Dustin Damron

Liam and James enjoy the epic Reunion scenery during a little downtime between runs. Photo by Dustin Damron

James dives to the inside of this pefect right-hand hairpin. Photo by Dustin Damron

James dives to the inside of this picture perfect right-hand hairpin. Photo by Dustin Damron

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S1 Helmets / Quentin Gachot and Brad Perala in Boone, North Carolina

First and foremost us say that North Carolina is the worst place in the world for downhill skateboarding. Don’t even visit, it’s not worth it, just go visit Malibu instead. Despite the sub par hills we managed to scrape together this edit of California boy Quentin Gachot and NC local Brad Perala for our newest S1 Lifer Helmet video.
Buy a Lifer here

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Original Skateboards: Will Stephan Chop Baffle 37 Raw Run

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Will Stephan shreds all terrain from flat ground to the steepest hills. He spent the summer on the east coast with the Original crew designing this new board. After he designed it, he was off to the west coast to put the board to the test. Follow along as he sheds it down a California classic.

Original Skateboards limited release of the Will Stephan Signature Chop is available now. Will tests out his signature chop in this Raw Run.”

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New Zealand Raw Run at the Testicle Factory

While in New Zealand for the Mt Ruapehu Gravity Festival, Brandon Tissen, Kaimana Pinto, and Tyler Howell check their sacks and take a tour of the testicle facility.


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Holiday in Hawaii

The Caliber boys caught a ferry to Hawaii for a tour with the Sunset Sliders bus. Hella lurking and even a bit of skating occurred.

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Ekstremsportveko: Saturday’s Video

Paris Truck Co‘s Ali Nas put together this video in a couple hours in conjunction with the daily video routine at Ekstremsportveko. Enjoy the beautiful Norwegian terrain.

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Arbor Skateboards :: Sucrose Initiative ~ The Bogart

“The Bogart is our smallest and most versatile wheel. It changed Bill’s life, and it can change yours. Bill believes in the Bogart so much that he takes to the streets spread the Sucrose gospel, making sure everyone knows the Bogart is the ideal size for your cruiser or city slasher board, and comes equipped with a stoneground finish to slide perfect right out of the packaging. Big round lips keeps the slides smooth, and make sure these wheels roll smoothing on all surfaces. The core offset helps slow you down in slides, and even contributes to grip when you really need to lean into things. If you care about the children, check out the Bogart.

The Bogart weighs in at 61mm tall, with a 36mm contact patch and 2.5mm core offset. It comes in 82a in all five colors.” – Arbor Sucrose


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