Aaron Breetwor Photography Feature

Aaron Breetwor

Aaron Breetwor is a Northern California native currently living in New York City. He was editor in chief of the first six Skate[Slate] issues, you might also recognize his work from the early photography of Blood Orange. His main focus now is Downgrade Magazine. DGM is in it’s early days, make sure you check out what it’s all about. Here is some of his work, in black & white.

Aaron “from the block” Grulich slowing it down.

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Raw Run – Matt Deitch at Camp Sucky

Matt Deitch, the fastest skater on the east coast, poached a run down this east coast neighborhood run and got away before the sheriff showed up.

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S1 Helmets / Norman Plante and Cooper Darquea Enter the Wild

S1 Helmets Team Riders Norman Plante and Cooper Darquea have been all tied up in the hustle and bustle of LA’s city life. To escape the gridlock and raging traffic we traveled deep into the mountains for some solitude, beautiful views, and winding fast downhill runs.
Film and Edit: Alex Ameen
Song: “Seven Nation Army” -Nostalgia 77 Feat Alice Russell

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Arbor Skateboards :: Sucrose Initiative ~ Sam Hay

“The best thing about Sam Hay is his affinity for charging burly roads at full speed. We asked Sam to show us what he’s got for his first Sucrose Initiative video, so he upped the spud factor and brought it out on the gnarliest pieces of pavement in the ‘bu. The Sucrose Initiative was developed to bring rider-based design and quality material driven performance together to deliver a product that is friendly to the earth and your wallet.” – Arbor

Film/Edit: Alex Ameen

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Bruno Sirera Spanish Insanity

“Perropro put together a rad edit for us from their recent expedition known as #EspañaExtraña. They went all over Spain looking for new terrain to skate. Roads, cliffs, alleys, rocks, reservoirs, whatever. It’s all fair game for Bruno.” – Bear Trucks

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Raw Run : David “Fingerbang” Rudgers

So Bad Decisions Alex did something kind of mean. He took a girl who had never seen downhill skateboarding in her life, and put her in the follow car down the local favorite behind Landyachtz and Caliber rider David Rudgers. Wide angle lenses never truly do justice to how close Alex gets to the skaters, so just trust her that its messed up.

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Venom: Meet The Team Episode 1

“The Venom team is made up of a unique collection of individuals from across the globe. From OG’s to the new kids, ‘Meet The Team’ is here to show you what we’re all about.” – Venom

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Gullwing Truck Co. | Keeping It Local | Part 1

Part 1 of the 3 part “Keeping It Local’ series is just a warm up for whats to come. Here the Gullwing boys warm up their legs on a local run out in the hills and blast some smooth pack riding through the trees. Come back next week for Part 2!

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Visitors: Isac Printz

Kebbek Skateboards sent one of their Swedish riders to California for Angie’s Curves.
Believe it or not Isac Printz is 15 years old, we weren’t expecting him to rip this hard.

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Rangies Curves

Alex Ameen drove the Uhaul at Angie’s Curves and captured the realness of what happens off the course at downhill skateboarding races.

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