Landyachtz: Llandudno Llandslide Double Raw Run

Follow along as Matt Bates and Alex Meyer take turns filming runs during the Llandudno Llandslide event when the Landyachtz Crew toured through South Africa. If you missed the Skate and Explore Video Series be sure to check it out.

2 different styles on 2 differnt boards:
Alex Meyer is riding a Canyon Arrow
Matt Bates is riding the Loco 35

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Caliber Truck Co. Product Highlight – The Caliber II

“We’ve been busy designing, testing, and re-designing the new Caliber II’s, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the end results! Our goal is to deliver the highest quality product possible to riders everywhere. To us, that meant building upon our original truck design, tightening tolerances, and providing the most precise feel possible in a cast truck!

We’ve redesigned our bushing seat and chamfer, removed any slop in our pivot cups, switched to thinner paints, and have updated the kingpin hole design while pressing in the kingpin itself to remove all play. Furthermore, to increase the durability of our trucks we’ve applied a new heat treatment process – increasing truck strength by up to 40% – and reinforced our baseplate design.

To see the changes in action, check out Liam, James, and Tyler as they breakdown the re-design of trucks, while raging mountain passes at high altitudes!” – Caliber Truck Co.

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Raw Run: Kebbek Skateboards at Kozakov

Follow Kebbek riders Jurgen Gritzner from Austria, John Barnet from Canada, & Isaac Printz from Sweden mob down a challenging track in Kozakov, Czech Republic.

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Quick Clip – Chubbs

Brian ‘Chubbs’ Cortright hops on the board for a run down a windy narrow road. Chubbs doesn’t always have this mellow laid back style. He has been known to get rowdy!464913_10150688556600202_518827984_o

Photo: Aria Pramesi (Throwback to Texas Race Feb 2012)

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Landyachtz: Khatsahlano Jam 2014

“Khatsahlano was rad this year! Once again we supplied the ramps, the sun was out, the girls were beautiful and the skating was gnarly. Stoked for another solid year at the Khatsahlano Fest.” – Landyachtz

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Sam Hay and Ian McSherry / S1 Lifer Helmet

Sam Hay and Iam McSherry take a sketchy run down a freshly paved canyon road. Sam Hay and Ian McSherry wear the S1 lifer helmet.

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Rayne Longboards: Kevin Bouaich Almost Raw

2012 Kozakov IDF winner and Rayne Longboards rider, Kevin Bouaich, takes a vacation from the Swizz Alps to skate some runs in Spain with Perropro behind the lens.

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Original Skateboards: John Kreutter, East Coast, and the Arbiter DK

“Designed for versatility, the Arbiter DK longboard skateboard takes Original Skateboards Team Rider, John Kreutter, from bombing hills, hitting some drops, gaps, big skids, to throwing some uber stylish seamless spins. John hits some of his favorite East Coast spots, and the Arbiter DK is down for it all. Ride One. Shred All.”

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S9 Downhill Division: Whistler Downhill 2014

“The Sector 9 Downhill Division was mobbing pack runs at the 2014 IDF Whistler World Cup. With 7 technical hairpins the crew strapped on some GoPro’s to capture the action. Congratulations to Jimmy Riha for 2nd in Open, Curt Watts for 1st in Juniors, and Jeff Budro for 3rd in Masters.”

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Arbor Skateboards :: KJ Nakanelua – Raw Run

“New to the team, KJ Nakanelua, shows us a ballsy island style version of skating a California Classic. From hand stands and shakas to speed wobbles and big slides, this video has it all..Don’t forget to ‘breathe in the air’ and enjoy.” – Arbor Skateboards

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