Original Skateboards Arbiter LCD + Molly Lewis in New Jersey

Longboard with Original Skateboards‘ Molly Lewis as she grabs her Arbiter 35 LCD and takes a road trip to visit the Original Crew for some fun runs Jersey style.

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Caliber Truck Co. Featuring Jordan Riachi

“Jordan has been coming up in the Australian scene for years. A bit of a perfectionist, Jordan has sharp eye for style and works to keep his on point. We brought him out to California to skate and relax with the crew last month, and he handled the local terrain with his smooth and effortless approach. We can’t wait to have him back!” - Caliber Truck Co.

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Quick Clip: Kaimana Pinto

Hawaiian, Kaimana Pinto, just got back from New Zealand but before he left he stacked some runs on his local favorite.

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Enjoy Tibs Parise vision of skateboarding as he travels to Brazil to meet and ride with the locals. During his trip in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Florianopolis, Tibs shares with us the Brazilian lifestyle , the skateboarding scene and how he experiences Brazil. The video is about traveling, lifestyle, friends, family and skateboarding. Welcome to an Art of Life.

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Throwback Thursday – Danger Bay to LA

Back in 2008 Louis went to Danger Bay and back in the Mercado van, filming the whole time. The result was this video, which shows some groundbreaking and straight reckless freeriding all down the pacific coast. K-Rimes early grabs on a drop through, dudes pass cars, Andrew Mercado appears on video skating downhill, people fall off their skateboards for no discernible reason, Georges Siddiqui comes way too close to dying, James Kelly tips and rips, and Mike McGoldrick gets speed wobbles while mooning the camera. It’s rad.

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S1 Helmets / Sho Ouellette

Sho stopped by with Alex Ameen and picked up a Gold Glitter S1 Lifer Helmet. The kid has style.
Song: “Smoke and Mirrors” -Tokimonsta

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Quick Clips: SBSX Arlington

Skateboarding is all about having fun. While at a push race in Alrlington, Washington, Aidan Lynds, Lee Cation, and Les Robertson couldn’t resit to take a few rips on the flatground pumptrack.

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Paris Truck Co. Welcomes Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi

Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi is originally from Warsaw, Poland, now lives in Paris, France, and there’s a good chance you’ve seen her shredding in one of the many corners of this crazy planet. She and her boyfriend Laurent Perigault, also a Paris team rider, have dedicated themselves to a life of skating, travel and exploration. We’re stoked to officially announce Alex as a team rider with this edit showcasing her skills around San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Welcome to the team, Alexandra!” – Paris Truck Co

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Session: Bear Truck Field Trip

The Bear Van rolled up to SkateHouse a few weeks back for a field trip out to the hills. The crew piled in and shuttle runs till everyone’s legs couldn’t take any more.

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Arbor Whiskey Project :: Whiskey In Paradise

“Hawaii has a long list of reasons it’s considered a paradise. Beyond the warm weather, tropical rain forests and perfect beaches, it’s chock full of some of the most insane skate spots imaginable. The island of Oahu is littered with endless ditches, amazing skateparks, perfect rails and buttery ledges. Follow the Whiskey team as they hit the island for a tour lead by new Whiskey team rider Kyle Smith through some of Hawaii’s best spots.” – Arbor

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