Angie’s Curves 2014 – Teaser

Angie’s Curves, located in Pala, California, is one of the most challenging downhill races on the World Cup Circuit. Nine harrowing turns, over 1.34 miles, and speeds upwards of 70mph put the world’s best downhill skateboarders to test. It is the 7th stop on the 2014 IDF (International Downhill Federation) World Cup Series. The event will be broadcast live utilizing 8 live feed cameras to capture the action. Tune in on Sept 13th & 14th to WATCH IT LIVE!!!”

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Paris Truck Co. Presents: Matt K Norway Highway Raw Run

“Ride along with Matt Kienzle as he bombs an epic highway in Norway. Hairpins, tunnels, semi-trucks, and insane mountain views: this raw run has it all.” – Paris Truck Co

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Raw Run: Oscar Gutierrez

Comet and R.A.D. rider, Oscar Gutierrez, rallies around some bends on a local run in Mexico. It’s steep, fast, and ends with a hairpin. Follow along as Oscar keeps it in his lane (even though he has spotters). This is only half the run too!

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Rayne Longboards – Shotguns and Fun Runs with Deen Mondt

“Skater, Dutchman, and all around good dude Deen Mondt has been on tour and skating in Europe this summer. He recently took first in the KNK No Paws Down race that went down during the KNK freeride event at the end of July, pretty gnarly considering you can hit speeds of 90 km/h (55 mph) on a course with 8 hairpins. While bombing hills and sampling bubbly beverages across Europe, Deen found the time to film a killer run on the Peyragudes course with fellow Rayne rider Daniel Hawes on the chase cam. Luckily Deen is faster on the hill than he is on the shotguns, so kick back, check this edit, and get stoked for some weekend skate-ventures.” – Rayne Longboards

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Event Coverage: IDF Kozakov Challenge 2014 Highlights

Full recap coming soon. Until then, here are the highlights.

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Event Coverage: Peyragudes Runs

Rider Approved Designs rider Mikel Echegaray Diez filmed a bunch of follow runs at this year’s Peyragudes IDF world cup event. So we spliced it up for all of y’all to enjoy.

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Sector 9 | Victor Earhart Finds a New Hill

Age is only a number, fear is only relative. Victor Earhart is a shining example of living life to the fullest and neither age nor fear will stop him. 61 years of skateboarding and counting…

**Disclaimer** – Just because Victor doesn’t wear safety gear doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Skate safe!!

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Photos – Maryhill FOS 2014

Dane Weber keeps clear of the carnage behind him.

Here are some photos Dubler snapped between heats Maryhill this year.

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Landyachtz Crew Cuts: Paul Gratland | Day in SB

Paul Gratland shreds some local spots in California.

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Visitors: Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen just recently got his license so he packed all his stuff in his car to explore different skate spots across America on a two month tour. Of course he found his way to the west coast to hit up some California golden runs. With his Comet Farmer and Caliber Trucks under his feet we was gonna keep on rolling even if car ran out of gas. Bad Decisions Alex meet up with Jensen to capture the action.

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