Skatesgiving: Turk-a-Lurk

The Skatesgiving crew is back with another one for ya, this time hard at lurk. Be sure to check out the original video from the hill known as Turkey right here. Thank you Landyachtz Skateboards, Sector 9 Skateboards, Kebbek Skateboards, Comet Skateboards, Rayne Longboards, Paris Truck Co, RAD Wheels, & Bear Trucks.

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Caliber Truck Co. Featuring The Standard

“When we refer to Caliber as a family it’s for a good reason. Not only do we skate together, but we eat together, drink together, and travel together. Join Liam as he runs around the city grabbing all of the family, and heads to a pool party with the rest of the crew!

Here at Caliber, we take pride in providing skaters with trucks that offer everything they need, and nothing more. We’ve been hard at work developing a street truck, THE CALIBER STANDARD, that embodies the same principles we used as a foundation for our original tombstone RKP (reverse king pin) truck. Our goal was to design and manufacture a skateboard truck for the skater who rides every kind of terrain imaginable. Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve accomplished what we set out to do!”

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Scene Supporter: RDVX Grip Tape



RDVX is a collection of skaters wanting to push forward by creating grip tape that locks you on your board and last so you can ride for months without worrying about replacing it.

To truly thrash this stuff, we built a team representing the top riders in the skate industry, and we hit SoCal for fast runs, beer drinking, and shit eating (though not intentionally) to see what RDVX grip is truly made of. ” – RDVX

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2014 Catalina Island Classic Promo

Our friends at Riviera Skateboards/Paris Truck Co/Resource Distribution are fired up to bring you this year’s Catalina Island Classic, and you should be fired up too!  This event is always an enjoyable time, don’t miss it!

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Skate Nerd PSA: Yes, you can [probably] take your longboard on an airplane.

Photo: Jon Huey

“Can I take my longboard on an airplane with me?”

Yes. Probably. My friends and I have been traveling with skateboards for years and haven’t had a problem bringing skateboards with us. That said, every airline and airport is different. Your mileage may vary.

Preface: In general, you want to be polite and pleasant with airport people. They deal with stressed-out travelers constantly and have the power to really ruin your day, so a smile and a bit of empathy goes a long way. Don’t make their lives difficult and they won’t make your life difficult.

You have options for bringing your skate on board: check it through or carry it on.

Carrying it on is easy. Just carry your board through security and bring it onto the plane with you. If anyone at the security screening gives you guff–sometimes they think your skateboard could be used as a weapon, but the TSA’s page on sporting equipment doesn’t say anything about that and skateboards aren’t on the list of prohibited items–just respectfully tell them the baggage agent told you it was ok to carry the board on.

Once you’re at the gate, the agent there might ask you to gate check your board to conserve overhead bin space. Gate checking is free, but if you don’t want to let your board out of your sight you can ask to put it in the coat compartment at the front of the plane. When you’re on the plane, just throw your board wheels-up in the overhead bin and you’re good to go. (note: this advice does not apply to atrocious low-cost carriers like Spirit airlines or RyanAir that charge you to bring a carry-on. Don’t fly with those companies. Spending a little more on the fare can save you money in the long run by avoiding fees at the airport.)

If you’re planning to carry multiple boards, you’ll want to take the trucks and wheels off and tape the decks together to conserve space.

I travel with way too much camera gear, so I always check my skate gear through. You’re going to want a bag big enough to fit your board inside (Sector 9 and Decent Hardware make good board-specific bags, and golf bags are good if you’re on a budget), as TSA agents sometimes get sticky fingers and some friends of mine have lost boards on the outside of their bags. To avoid costly surprises at the airport, check your airline’s baggage policy before you leave and make sure your bag is within the size and weight requirements.

- Max Dubler

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Gullwing Truck Co. | The Dagger Sisters

The Daggers Sisters are comprised of Rachel Rayne and Charlie Cricket and these chicks rip any road in any weather. Join the sisterhood in their first featured video from Gullwing Truck Co.

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Raw Run – Barrett Junction with Zak Maytum

First raced back in the Extreme Downhill International days (EDI was the predecessor to the IGSA), the winding side road at Barrett Junction is famous for its absolutely terrible pavement. Naturally, Zak bombed it at night.

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Muir Skate Downhill Disco: Raw Runs: Chance, Michelle, and Will

The 5th Annual Muir Skate Downhill Disco was groovy as ever. The tunes were in the air as skaters blasted off the various features.  Follow Chance, Michaelle, and Will down for a run at the disco.

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Raw Run: Will Seal Revisited

The first time we heard of Will was this video. Him and our other North Carolina friends had been tearing up some of the best terrain behind our backs. This Boone local rides Comet Skateboards. We needed to double take the hill where we were first introduced to Will Seal.

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RDVX Flytogether – California

The RDVX crew rolled through Skate House Media early March for some “fast runs, beer drinking and eating shit. Take a grittier look at the #RDVXCantBeStopped2014 Trip with Pro Riders Louis Pilloni, Axel Serrat, Jimmy Riha, Brett Ciabatinni, Daniel Luna, and the rest of the RDVX Crew. We are RDVX, and RDVX fly together.” If you missed the first edit of the RDVX California trip be sure to check it out.

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