Raw Run: Split The Difference

A fun part of riding for a company is prototyping. Most of the time you get to test fun new shapes or different urethanes that sometimes never get to see the light of day. The worst part is filling out the review forms. Instead of completing the forms for Josh Rolf (Head of R&D at Sector 9) Matt & Micah sent this footage instead. Micah Green & Matt Kienzle packed up there stuff last summer and hit the road for the eurotour.

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Throwback Thursday: KebbeK Racing – Raw Footage and Leftovers

This “B-Roll” video is from 2006 and inspired so many of the housemates here at Skatehouse.
Get out there today and try putting both of your hands on the ground, trust us you’ll love it.

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Action Board Shop: Fuel Economy Tour with Max Vickers and Avery Wilcox

During the summer of 2014 Action Board Shop team riders, Max Vickers and Avery Wilcox, embarked on a journey across the country in their Toyota Prius. With high miles-per-gallon they were able to travel to and race in Grand Rapids Urban Downhill, Maryhill FOS, and Whistler Longboard Festival with plenty of camping and freeriding in between.

Summer of 2015 is almost here! Start planning your next skate adventure!

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Final Heat: North Carolina Downhill at Mount Jefferson

The first ever North Carolina Downhill at Mount Jefferson was a great success. With one day of clear skys and race day being soaked, skaters were challenged to navigate the mountain in two unique conditions. That didn’t stop the skaters from charging the 3 hairpin course.  With technical corners, sweepers, and chicanes, the road challenged a variety of downhill skateboarding skills.

Follow along with Louis Pilloni (Sector 9, Gullwing, R.A.D., RDVX) as he lines up for the final heat with Kevin Reimer, Ed Kiefer (R.A.D.), and Josh Rolf (Sector 9, Gullwing) on the rain soaked course.

For more coverage, head over to Wheelbase Mag for their NCDH Mt. Jefferson Recap.

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Sector 9 Skateboard | Jeff Budro Pro 36″

All-Terrain Ripper, Jeff Budro, has been skating everything since 1987 when he built his first  mini-ramp in his backyard. From hills to parks, ‘Big Air’ Budro always throws down. Even at the ripe age of 41, he is a contender at any event and one of the funnest guys to skate with. For years he has opened up his home to skaters from around the world to get a taste of the San Diego skate scene. He’s Pro-Model is well deserved and a perfect representation of a board designed around a rider’s style.

“This year Jeff Budro headed back into the woodshop to sculpt his new 36″ pro model board designed for and dedicated to the all-around skater. From the hills to the skatepark and back to the launch ramp, Jeff linked with other Sector 9 team riders to showcase just how versatile this new shape is.”

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Raw Run: Pablo “Psycho” Quiles

Pablo Quiles has been running skate tours out in Alicante, Spain lately near Salsito House. This is a perfect taste of their local runs. Steep, perfect pavement, one lane wide, two way traffic. These hills are dangerous when there is traffic, however the use of radios allows the locals to make it down these runs with confidence.

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Gullwing Truck Co. | Central Coast Pillage

The Gullwing Army marched north for the grand opening of the San Luis Obispo skatepark. Little did the boys know they would be in for an all out four day pillage through the central coast of the California. Shaun Ross, Tyrone Olson, Brandon Yarborough, Elijah Anderson, Tyler Martin, Kristian Svitak, Connor Getzlaff, Ajax, and friends along the way make good use of the time on the road.

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Caliber Truck Co. Product Highlight – The New Standard Street Truck

“With over a year of product testing, Caliber has developed a traditional kingpin truck that meets all of your skateboarding requirements. With more Strength, Response and Stability, Caliber’s standard truck was designed solely to be the truck you can depend on in all situations your skateboard might lead you on. Whether its skating pools, ledges or down hills, Caliber’s standard truck design comes with options and is guaranteed for life. In this product video see why Caliber’s first street rider Kyle Smith has chosen the Caliber Standard to be his truck of choice.” – Caliber Trucks

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Spanish Groms Crashing

The groms in Spain go hard in the paint. Archibaldo has tons of talent and is not afraid to push his limits. Guille is psychotic, he insists on only riding his mini deck even down huge runs. Skate safe kids.

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Throwback Thursday: Britannia Classic

We’re throwing it back 5 years on this one. The Britannia Classic has been rolling strong and it doesn’t seem like Unkle Lee is calling it quits anytime soon.

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