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Madrid Skateboards Europe Tour – Norway

Europe Tour 2015 – Part I: Norway from Madrid Skateboards on Vimeo.

Madrid team riders Max Dubler, Zak Maytum and Justin Rouleau headed out to Norway for the first leg of the Europe trip, where they battled broken bones, bad weather, exposed guard rails and very high alcohol taxes on their search for radness.

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Event Coverage: Maryhill Festival Of Speed 2015

Although this year’s Maryhill Festival Of Speed overlapped with the Giant’s Head Freeride we still managed to document both events. Watch closely as the riders go through racing process.

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Event Coverage: Maryhill Festival Of Speed 2015

Yvon Labarthe is back with some quality coverage of this year’s Maryhill Festival Of Speed.

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2015 Maryhill Festival of Speed – Race Day

This quarter final heat had many lead changes.

The same heat, in a shuffled order.

The 5th and final day of the Maryhill Festival of Speed was the only day with a slight breeze. Spectators show up in droves on race day for the tight racing, it’s such a entertaining extravaganza. Luckily for them, it was overcast and it seemed to be less hot than any of the other days. Throughout the race there was delays and racers feared the forecast of rain in the afternoon. Calvin Staub was involved in accident that resulted in necessary medical attention, as was Rachel “Bagels” Bruskoff. Also, the usual consistent Maryhill protests kept things moving at a sedated pace as well. Despite the slower speed, racing was incredible throughout the day.

The open finals included Kevin Reimer, Spencer Smith, Brendan Davidson, Alex Charleson, Patrick Switzer, & Zak Maytum. Kevin Reimer advanced into the lead off the push start. Zak passes Kevin coming out of the “backbreaker” turn. Zak leads from “spaghetti” until the exit of “cowzers” (last right turn). Alex Charleson makes the pass but leaves an opening on the inside into ronin left (last left turn) that Maytum capitalizes on. Out of the left, Alex Charleson has good exit speed thanks to a bump from Kevin Reimer. Zak Maytum turns into Charleson to shut down the pass on the straight and then Charleson tries to go the same but he doesn’t make it in front of Zak.


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2015 Maryhill Festival of Speed – Qualifying

K-Rimes’ last run of the day. Strategically saving his best for last.

Day three of the Maryhill Festival of Speed was a hot one, 41 C (108 F). The track pavement was a scorching 69 C (156 F). None the less, two new track records were set. Mikel Echegary Diez broke the three minute mark with an impressive 2:57.821 in Street Luge and also set the fastest Classic Luge time at 3:06.962. Kevin Reimer pulled a fast one on everybody. He “didn’t want anyone to know“, so he kept his qualifying times around 3:06 all day. On the last run of the day, he shaved off three full seconds and posted a new track record; 3:03.618.


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2015 Maryhill Festival of Speed – Practice Day 1

Day 1 of practice is a wrap, international riders from all over the world gathered flocked to Goldendale, Washington for the 2016 Maryhill Festival of Speed. With the absence of last year’s champions, the title is up for grabs.

Madrid pro and often top finalist Zak Maytum was always leading throughout the 1st day of practice.


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Events: DH Throwdown

Our old housemate Matt Kienzle drove out to Killington, Vermont for the DH Throwdown.
For some reason he thought he would be able to race with a busted ankle.
Luckily for our viewers, that was physically impossible.
Matt K filmed all weekend instead.

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Throwback Thursday: Britannia Classic

We’re throwing it back 5 years on this one. The Britannia Classic has been rolling strong and it doesn’t seem like Unkle Lee is calling it quits anytime soon.

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Skate House Media Compilation 2014: Part 2

A Quarter of 2015 has passed by which means it’s time for part 2 of  the 2014 compilation. Part 2 includes clips from 49 original Skate House Media videos from the last 6 months of 2014. If you missed Part 1 be sure to check it out!


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Photos – Barrett Junction 2015

Justin Rouleau leads a first round heat through the first right.

The infamous Barrett Junction outlaw went down once again a couple weekends ago. There were noticeably fewer competitors this year, as weekend warriors and pro riders alike realized that going as fast as possible on a haggard, unmaintained side road near the Mexican border is kind of stupid and dangerous, leaving a hardened core of adrenaline-fueled danger riders to brave the giant cracks, sizable potholes, sketchy patches and raging tailwinds.

This is Jesse Martinez. He’s probably been a pro skateboarder longer than you’ve been breathing.


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