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Madrid: Raw Run Zak on the 2015 Anvil

Well that was fast….Venom founder, Zak Maytum charges a bomber deep in the Colorado Rockies. Be sure to check out the 59 sec mark cause that turn was crazy.

“Zak charges a 60mph canyon deep in the heart of the Colorado rockies on his soon-to-be-released Madrid 2015 pro model, The Anvil. More about The Anvil and the 2015 lineup coming soon!”

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Venom: Meet The Team Episode 1

“The Venom team is made up of a unique collection of individuals from across the globe. From OG’s to the new kids, ‘Meet The Team’ is here to show you what we’re all about.” – Venom

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Venom Continuing Shreducation – Truck Slop with Zak Maytum

Venom CEO Zak Maytum walks you through all the different ways your trucks govern side to side slop when riding. Get educated.

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Madrid Skateboards – Europe Tour 2014

The Madrid team had a bit of a bumpy ride through Europe this year, but they made the best of it and came back with this video jam-packed with race action, crashes, and Zak Maytum going HAAM in the Pyrenees.

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Photos – Peyragudes 2014

K-Rimes out front in a super tight semifinal, while Zak Maytum, Aaron Hampshire, and Byron Essert jockey for position. This bottom right-hand sweeper is a solid 60mph.

With big corners, a super wide track, and sustained steep grades, Peyragudes is one of the fastest races on the IDF world cup tour.

The big right hairpin is a wide, moderate-speed corner with rough pavement that makes it extremely difficult to grip through. This unknown rider saw the ladies spectating and decided to show off.


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Venom All Gold Everything Tour

The Venom team had a fun-filled adventure trip to Maryhill and Whistler with a van, several skateboards, three cans of gold spraypaint and a snake. It was exciting, to say the least.

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Event Coverage: IDF Kozakov Challenge 2014 Highlights

Full recap coming soon. Until then, here are the highlights.

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Photos – Maryhill FOS 2014

Dane Weber keeps clear of the carnage behind him.

Here are some photos Dubler snapped between heats Maryhill this year.


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Events: Peyragudes Never Dies Final

The European part of the IDF World Cup series is a wrap. Here’s what happened at Peyragudes.

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Photos – Catalina Island Classic 2014

AJ Haiby, who won the race, has the most savage skate face in the game. Dude looks like he’s about to murder your children, which is awesome.

Back in ’93 Method Man taught me that cash rules everything around me. Abec 11 and Rayne rider Mike Fitter gets the money, dollar dollar bills y’all.

Click through for more Dubler photos of the race.


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